Cultural Competence Associates

The leading provider of cultural enriched training solutions.

Our Mission...

Is to guarantee the acquisition of culturally competent knowledge and skills that enhance personal identity, while maximizing the achievement of all individuals in diverse cultural environments.

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Our Vision...

Is to maintain cultural harmony and to create a culturally competent cadre of individuals who systematically build and maintain culturally harmonious schools, businesses, and communities that closes the achievement gap.

Our Values...

  • Justice: A sense of fairness and just interactions with all.
  • Equality: A belief that treating everyone similarly is the foundation of empowering interactions.
  • Caring: A deep sensitivity to uplifting the human spirit through kindness.
  • Closeness: A belief that demonstrates a sense of familiarity rather than isolation and in turn builds character and enchances achievement.
  • Dialogue: A Socratic process that encourages human critique and deep intellectual Discourse based on research and validation.

Our Works...

Training Manuals

Advanced Training of Trainers in Cultural Competence

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Building a Winning Team: New Approaches to Caring Leadership in Organizations

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Using Cultural Competence in Mental Health and other Health Settings

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Using your FSA Test Data to Close the Achievement Gap

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Valuing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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Effective Strategies to Increase Academic Achievement of Second Language Learners

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Using Authentic Educating to Close the Achievement Gap

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Using Cultural Competence to Close the Achievement Gap

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Published Books

Tuskegee Airman Fighter Pilot: A Story of an Original Tuskegee Pilot Lt. Col. Hiram E. Mann

Accountant's Guide to Fraud Detection and Control

Contact Us...


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